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You see them everywhere in your area: Couples whose companionship is "meant to be."

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We know that it’s difficult for a great relationship to blossom and grow from casual encounters. That’s why we created our business—to help people like you find that “someone special” who has qualities that can mesh with yours.

Making serious matches is what we do. You get introduced only to people from your area who have met with us first, in person. We personally interview everyone to capture their personalities and discover their desires. After we meet with you individually, you'll be able to choose from among our thousands of members and take that first step by meeting in a comfortable way to see what may spark.

Our service is:

Safe: We screen all our members and perform background checks.

Privacy: Your personal information will always remain confidential, and we will never share it with other members without your permission. You never have to worry about awkward phone calls or increased spam. We respect and protect your privacy.

Serious: We’re focused on lasting relationships, not casual encounters.

Experienced: We’ve been bringing people together happily for over 30 years.